6 Things to Consider Before You Hire Odoo Development Company

With each passing day, business is becoming complex. They require a skilled workforce and an ERP system to handle the different processes with maximum efficiency. To transit to an ERP based system such as Odoo, businesses or organizations need to hire Odoo Development Company that can get the job done.

But, what makes a company perfect for hiring to do the Odoo migration and development work? Today, we will list the 6 things that need to be considered before hiring an Odoo Development Company. These questions will give you an inner perspective of how things work out and can benefit your organization in the long run.

1. Overall Product Dedication
Dedication is important to attain any result. Before looking to hire an Odoo Development company, try to find out how they will solve the problem and figure out their dedication to the project by asking simple questions such as time taken to implement any particular feature or any other solution that they can come up with to solve the problem more efficiently with low-cost investment. Their answers will give you enough scope for understanding their dedication to the product.

2. Odoo Community Contribution
Odoo is an open-source platform, which means that anyone can contribute to the Odoo platform. As a company that is looking to hire an Odoo Development Company, you should look at their open-source Odoo contribution.

Questions such as did they solve any problem of the Odoo platform by releasing a plugin or a module? Have they regularly contributed to the Odoo core module? Do they find bugs and send patches to the Odoo platform? If you find positive answers to all of the above questions, it is high time that you should hire that company for your next Odoo project.

3. Experience with Product, specifically with Odoo
Choosing a company that has prior experience can boost the chances of your project success. With crystallized intelligence and experience, they are bound to make fewer mistakes and bring the goal to the home much sooner.

4. Overall solution Implementation History and Clientele
Companies are more dynamic. They are more focused on doing multiple projects on different platforms. That's why it is wise to always look in the solution implementation history and also the clientele. The clientele also offers enough hints on their past performance and current reputation in the market. Generally, a good company has worked globally and has influenced different sectors during their work tenure.

5. Industry-Specific Experience
Not all projects belong to a specific industry. ERP solutions can fit in different Industries and that's why it is always wise to look for industry-specific experience.

6. Overall Team size and Experience
Overall Team size is really not an important measure, but having a small or medium can change the way the project is handled. Communication levels are better in smaller or medium scale teams and that's value for the overall project including its success.

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